Brightics AI Accelerator 15-day Free Trial

Brightics AI Accelerator (AIA) offers automated, distributed machine learning (AutoML) and deep learning (AutoDL) that reduce network training time near linearly by the number of GPUs that work on the job. We are sure you will be pleased by the automated, distributed training framework that enables model selection, feature engineering, and hyper-parameter tuning.

AIA can be installed on your Amazon Web Services (AWS) instance or on your own cluster’s premises. To trial AIA Team Edition for 15 days on AWS, click the “Launch Stack” button to begin installation. Please, refer to the step-by-step instructions below, if needed.

I have read and accept the trial license


Step 1

on the AWS login screen.

Step 2

For more information and instruction on how to create a KeyPair, refer to Amazon EC2 User Guide for Linux Instances here

Step 3

Select a KeyName from the drop down list.

Step 4

Click on “Create Stack”.

Step 5

Once created, navigate to the main AWS page either via a quick search or the right navigation menu and visit the “EC2” section.

Step 6

On the left navigation menu, select “Instances”. Locate the newly launched instance, and note the Public IPv4 Address.

Step 7

Type http://(public_ip_address):9090 in the address bar by replacing (public_ip_address) with the IP address noted, above.

Step 8

Enter “Full Name”, “Company”, “Email” and “Phone Number”, and click “Register”.

Step 9

Enter the “AWS Key”, “AWS Secret Key”, “Region Name”, “PEM” and “Cluster Name” where indicated, and click “Next”.

Step 10

Enter the required information for each input, and click “Next”.

Step 11

If Cluster Identification information is valid, cluster size and related hardware pricing will display. Click “Create” to launch the instance.